Unconventional alternatives to mainstream education in our on-site classroom

Life House youth come from an array of educational backgrounds and are all at different places in their educational path.  By making educational goals with the Futures Education staff, they can find the best path for their factors and experiences.

GED: Life House offers an online GED Preparation program to meet the needs of busy youth who may be juggling jobs and children of their own  and find it difficult to find time to attend traditional seat-based classes.  Youth enrolled in the program study on their own through our online GED Preparation Curriculum and meet with the Education Case Manager for individual tutoring sessions. Life House pays for GED tests.

High School: If youth are interested in enrolling in school or transferring to another school, we can help them navigate the process and the paperwork. We also offer tutoring and educational advice as needed.

College: If youth are interested in enrolling in college, we offer assistance with the whole process, including college applications, financial aid applications and forms, setting up meetings with advisers, college tours, obtaining school supplies, ongoing support, tutoring, and educational advice.

For more info about the Futures: Education Program contact: 

Luke Morcomb, MSW
Futures Program Manager
(218) 722-7431 ext. 127