The Life House youth are a talented bunch.  Youth Center staff member, Gabe, has been hosting Variety Shows throughout the year.  It has been a great opportunity to see performances of singing,  spoken word, and hip hop.  The shows are open to the public with the next one occurring on October 19, 7-8pm at AICHO’s Trepanier Hall, 202 W 2nd St.

One of the regular performers, Lisha, has given us permission to publish two of her poems. To hear her read these and other poems, come check out the variety show!

By Lisha Moore

We waste time.
We lose track of time.
We check the time.
We give away time.
But when do we have no more time left to give?
How does time heal?
What does time sacrifice?
What does time reveal?
When will time stop?
All we want is more time,
Time to give up our childish ways and grow up,
Time to stand up when we have fallen down,
Time to let go,
Time to hold on,
Time to forget,
Time to forgive,
Time to cherish every breath we take.
Time is of the essence.
We never know when our clock will stop ticking.

By Lisha Moore

When something traumatic happens it changes you.
It alters your mind.
It alters your heart.
It alters your perspective on life and death.
You become a completely different person, with completely different values
And an entirely new mindset.
You open your eyes to the true reality of life, the true reality of death.
There is no escape from grief or from pain.
You must endure every single part of the pain, every single part of the grief.
You must endure every bit of it, because it will never go away.
It may fade.
But certain things, places, people, even objects will remind you of what you have lost.
You will be thrown back into the pain and grief once again.
Don’t fight it.
Don’t try and run away or deny the truth of your reality.
If you do, it will only increase the pain,
Increase the grief,
And increase the struggle to get through the worst part of your life.
But people always say you have to get through the worst to get to the best.