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Life House’s vision is that no young person will be left homeless, alone, uncared for, or fending for themselves on the streets. By providing a space for youth and young families to come and connect with someone, staff begin to cultivate trusting relationships with individuals to assist them in flourishing in life.

In Northeastern Minnesota, Life House is the only Drop-In Youth Center for ages 14 to 24, which is located in downtown Duluth. In the same building, we have our no-cost, no insurance Mental Health and Wellness team, Housing Program staff, and Futures Education and Employment case managers available. We are an essential supportive service provider for marginalized youth such as Indigenous/tribal community members, Black/African Heritage, and youth of color. We also recognize that many youth self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ+). Our main campus and residential facilities are setup as non-binary gender spaces, which creates a welcoming environment for this particular community. 

Our staff works to address the impact of racial and economic health disparities and a legacy of systemic oppression youth consciously or unconsciously embody.

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